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Twitter is a hard momma jamma. It need’s more than motivational quotes and shares from your other platforms to garner increase and can be a frustrating source of pain in our butts. Now my twitter is not amazing but it is growing and it is because I have changed my focus on twitter and how I react to it. This is what I have done:

  • Award Shows 

For award shows, tv specials and breaking events you want to get on twitter. Especially, if you are apart of black twitter. In true #fortheculture fashion, Twitter has become a big long telephone line when pop culture events happen. It is important to get on Twitter during that time to go fishing for followers. You want to use your hashtags and the trending hashtags. Make sure you put effort to show your personality. You want people to like your personality enough to follow you. Make sure you take your time to shine.

  • Pick A Tv Show

This is a great way to find new people and connect over a common ground. Think of it like freshman orientation but for the interwebs. You are here because of a mutual commonality but you can now find certain clicks within the click. You can find your loyal tribe that you need for each other to grow. I think that is one common misconception. You do not do this thing by yourself and unless you get a great exposure opportunity you will need to have a tribe to help you. You will need a tribe where you all mutually share tweets, reply to tweets and join your twitter chats.

  • Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way to gain immediate increase. You should both GO to twitter chats and HOST your own twitter chat.

Go to a Twitter Chat: Many bigger twitter chats have monthly or weekly twitter chats you can join. One that I join is #blkcreative it is for people that are like me both Black and Creative. I can find people that are doing stuff similar to me to collab or people that are completely different that I need to hire or learn from.

Host your own Twitter Chat: Hosting your own twitter chat is a must if you want to dominate in the twitter industry. But you can’t just hop on twitter and expect magic to happen. You need to:

  1. Decide what the topic is going to be.
    • You want everyone to be able to respond and be active so it is important to pre plan topics and points you want to make and have alternatives  talking points if people do not stay on the same point as long as you envisioned.
  2. Invite the people you want to the chat.
    • When you are just starting out and before you build this brand loyalty you need to take it one step further and invite people to your twitter chat. You will want to invite more people than you actually want because life happens and not everyone that says yes will come. I suggest inviting 5 people if you want 3 people t come. If people do come that is fine but if they do not you are over prepared for the normal hiccups when dealing with multiple people.
  3. Send the group with a reminder.
    • Yes. You will need to want to remind people that the twitter chat is starting in 10 minutes. There are a few ways to do it. You can with do a fb group chat, an instagram group chat, a groupme group chat or a text message group chat. You can reach out individually if you would like as well. There is no right or wrong answer. Whatever works for you do that method but you definitely want to use a reminder system.
  4. Announce you are doing the twitter the chat 5 minutes before.
    • Announce you are going to be doing the twitter chat and @/ mention the people to the chat. This will allow you to get the attention of people who follow you and just so happen to be on twitter at the same time as your chat.

The overall theme of twitter like anything in life is, be strategic, be specific and diligent in your work. Our success does not happen by chance, we have to work at it and keep chipping away. If you ever feel like you are wasting time on social media or you get there and do not know what to do, I would love for you to book me! 🙂


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