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iCan Creative Collective Conference Recap


I had the pleasure of covering the iCan Creative Collective Conference by Afenya Montgomery. This conference was great and anyone looking to find a business tribe (supportive business friends), learn from others in your industry or in an industry that you need services from to better your business. iCan reached on law, finance, branding, how to motivate yourself and processes and procedures. In a world where there are some conferences that take your money and completely waste your time, the iCan is a safe bet and Average Black Girl Approved!

From the opening keynote, Linal Harris of Murder Mediocrity touched on a few things that I wanted to write about.


When you don’t have purpose and identity you tend to compare yourself, to all types of people, all the time, and during inappropriate times. When Linal was doing a keynote speaker and a spoken word artist went before him thoughts immediately crossed his mind of worry. Do my shoes look better or will I get as good as an applause? Lowering your thoughts about yourself will never lead to the income that you want. When you worry you start making stupid mistakes.


We don’t know what we are passionate about or our talents

Talents Vs Strengths:

Sometimes, we don’t know what we are passionate about or what our talents are. That leaves us in a bad place. There is a difference between natural talents which is what comes naturally to you vs a strength which is what is something that you have worked on. Sometimes we tend to focus on natural talents and not work to keep pushing and bettering ourselves. By doing that we are stunting our growth and trajectory. Be aware of your talents and strenghts and use them together to build your business.

What to do during a drought?

Droughts come and some days you will be popping and your notifications will be buzzing and some days it wont. Follow these tips during your drought:

  1. Know your purpose to gain clarity on your identity.
  2. Create a vision for your life.
  3. Continue to invest in yourself.


Grab a snack and tune in to the footage I covered across multiple speakers and presentations from The iCan Creative Collective Conference!

All photos in this post were taken by Dimeji Adeeko of Meji Vision!

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