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Why You Need To Promote Before You Are Done With Your Product

Why you need



You have an idea and you think it is going to be great! It might be great or it might not be great. I am not here to argue about it because I do not know your idea. What I am here to tell you is that you want to start promoting it NOW!


Reason# 1. The Movies.

We ALL have been to the movies a time or two in our life. Movies start promoting months sometimes years in advance. They give you enough to make you interested. They don’t just wait a week before the release to start promoting. So why do you? I have worked with many brands and have even more friends in the industry that hold on to a great idea. Much of the reason why they hold on is that they do not want it stolen. They think they someone is going to come out and still their idea. Well, for many of us we are not Beyonce, it won’t get stolen and not only that, your first week you won’t make that first sell. Truthfully, if you have such a dope idea, trademark it. With a trademark pending you are free to move about and start gaining that following. If you are not in a place to monetarily trademark it, then start garnering a following and change the name later. I tell any college student I run into, capitalize off of this school spirit, and start getting followers for your facebook fan page now! Change the name, product or category but you will be sitting on those 10,000 likes and will thank me for it.


Reason #2 It Takes Time.

It takes time for people to understand exactly what you do and why you do it. It takes, even more, time for people to bring you to the top of the mind when considering you in your subject category. This is why consistency is key because truth be told, you are the only one living and breathing your business every day. Everyone else may see it on the timeline for a half a second and then it is gone. This is why if you work with me we will have goals for the month and then we will break it down by week. What are your goals as far as reach, business goals, sales, etc. Do you need to go live, should you do a webinar, can you land a speaking gig, do you have your contracts ready for when you snag your client? What is your funnel for people to buy your online course? It will take a while for you to figure all of this out so the faster you start, the faster you finish.


Reason #3 Myth: I have to finish my courses before I sell them. 

This is one of the biggest myths in the land of online course making. You have to work hard to get your following, get them to trust you and last but not least get them to buy into what you are selling.

  1. You can presell and have a later start date.
  2. You can also be open and say the course is not completed.
  3. You can make this course your staple course and keep updating it so you keep your first movers happy and you use their testimonials to get more.


Reason #4. Do you have the results needed? 

Overall people want to know three things.

  1. What you are selling, did you do that to yourself?
  2. What you are selling, did you do that to others and were they able to get the positive results?
  3. Finally, with what you are selling, can you do that with me?

So let’s brainstorm?

Do you need to let some people test out your course for free for a testimonial? Do you need to go to friends and offer your services for free in exchange for a testimonial? Do you need to go out to some businesses to see if your system really works?


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~There is NOTHING Average About A Black Girl~

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