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How Do I Get My Hair Professionally Done For Free!

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This is for anyone looking to save money and get the ultimate #LifeHack. Hair is something that will constantly be on the front of your mind as a human. We are always trying to grow it, style it and keep it healthy. We have gone from heat training to heat damage from sulfate to sulfate free and the journey continues as we learn more about our hair and what it needs. For me, as soon as I get into the “okay, I am an entrepreneur now,” one of the first things that came to mind is how do I cut back on everyday things and separate your needs for your wants. For me, the solution was to wear my hair in its natural texture for the majority of the year. Being natural definitely helped me in my entrepreneur journey because every time I came into some money I just could not justify, me getting a sew-in or spending $65.00 to straighten my hair. It forced me to take care of my hair, which has allowed it to grow as well as allow me to put all the money possible into my business, which is what I needed to do at this time. Well, even the fiscally responsible want to be pampered every now and then.

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Many hair companies have testing salons and they are ALWAYS looking for new heads and different hair types. They normally separate your hair in half and one half has for example shampoo A and the other has shampoo B. Once they are done with testing one product they finish washing and styling your hair to your style of choice.


Pro #1: Many are looking for all ages and this can be your in for other things. Many times if you have the right look and personality they may pull you for paid photo-shoots and other gigs.

Hint** Come to SLAY and good luck!


Pro #2: Many of the stylists are A1. They have years of experience and are very professional. Because they are testing, evaluating, helping to create new products AND styling it is normal for your stylist to have over 10 years of experience.

If you are in NYC, L’Oreal USA has a great testing facility and if you are in Chicago, Namaste Laboratories has a great testing facility. I have used BOTH of them.

4 Steps To Get Booked! 


Step 1: Google search hair company headquarters in your city.

Step 2: Call and schedule an appointment.

Hint** Many only accept calls on Monday and Tuesday and the hours of service are normal working hours.

Step 3: Be open with your hair type and what style you are looking to get.

Step 4: Have Fun!


PS: I have recently discovered lace front wigs and they are my new toy for the fall. I highly suggest anyone interested in a cost-effective alternative to weave to check out lace front wigs. 🙂

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