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What Kind of Ex Are You?

what kind of ex are you

Whether it’s an old friend, spouse, or employer, we all have an ex. Maybe the friendship ran its course or the breakup was just necessary – either way it goes, it didn’t last. We know how they treated us, but how would they say you treated them? Did you leave the situation quietly and peacefully? Or did you cause all types of hell without an ounce of regret? Below are four types of exes and how to deal with their behaviors. After reading each, we want to know… what kind of ex are you?
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The “Emotional RollerCoaster” Ex
Last time you checked, y’all were cool! But with this ex, you just never know. One minute they’re congratulating you on your new job, the next they’re saying they hope you get hit by a bus on your first day. They are up and down, round and around. Why are they so emotional? Well if you ask them they’ll tell you it’s your fault. You played games, you sold them a dream, you lead them on, now this is what you have to deal with. Sorry, not sorry.

 —– Best way to deal with this kind of exYou have to be extremely transparent and hope they understand. Because in all honesty, all they want is the truth. In their mind, everything was a lie, but in their heart you two are soulmates. So because you confused them, it’s up to you to set things straight. Now, this may be awkward. They may cry, pout or even try and bring up the good old times. But that’s exactly what you two are “old times.” So do us all a favor and set things straight so we can stop seeing dramatic, woe is me statuses on our Facebook feed.


The “Twilight Zone” Ex 
This happens to be my favorite ex, because it’s 100% me. We aren’t petty and we aren’t crazy- we are silent. We will silently block you from social media, our phones, and even email. There will be no way for you to contact us and if you’re waiting on a “Happy Birthday” text, keep dreaming. In the words of Big Sean, “we don’t F with you!” Because in our mind’s you played us. But instead of being the stereotypical crazy ex, we do the opposite and go ghost. Every posted picture, every mutual Facebook friend, every connection – gone. Not a detective alive will be able to find this ex. You will be left asking yourself if you were in the Twilight Zone. Did you two ever date? Does your ex even care? Was this all for nothing?

—– Best way to deal with this ex? Give them their space. Most likely, this ex is just as bothered as you are – but they are too stubborn to show it. This ex is hard on the inside, but soft in the middle. Don’t be surprised if in a few months you get a “hey…” text out of the blue. They honestly just need their time to be mad and once they’re done you two may actually become cool again.

The “Blurred Lines” Ex
This is the ex who you’re still cool with, but they don’t know their place. They still post on your Mother’s Facebook wall and still hangs out with your friends occasionally. You are hesitant to bring your new boo around because your old one is always there (Go home, Rodger)! This ex just doesn’t get it. You don’t want to cut them off because you two started off as friends, but every line you draw in the sand they continue to step over.

—- Best way to deal with this exI have one piece of advice for you: actions speak louder than words. If you want this ex to fully understand you two are done you must show it instead of saying it. Why is this necessary? Because they aren’t listening to you. You’re the same ex who said you “needed space” but came by the next night at 2AM. You’re the same ex who said relationships weren’t for you, but then eventually made things official. You’re confusing! And now nothing you say holds value. All you can do is show how serious you are about you two being done and follow through with it. Not late night texts, no random pop-ups, nothing. Because if not, lines will continue to be blurred and you’ll be in a relationship without really being in a relationship (if that makes sense).


The “DayDay That Crazy Girl Outside Again” Ex
Gotta love a crazy ex! This ex has no shame in their game! They will pop up at your job, come to your house, bleach your clothes, call you off blocked numbers and send you to jail, just to come bail you out and beg for you two to make it work. They are 100% emotional and 0% logical. If you break this ex‘s heart you can guarantee they are going to break something of yours and it’ll most likely be expensive.

—- Best way to deal with this exCut off all communication. You two are clearly toxic for one another and things are going to get much worst before they get better. Any time police, or erratic behavior becomes the norm y’all two have got to chill! Now crazy exes get a bad rep. People assume just because they’re crazy they’re bad people. But this is not the case. This ex is just so in love with you they will do any and every thing to get your attention. Sweet, but psycho at the same time. So again, cut ties with this person and maybe in a year or two, once things are more calm, you two can look back and laugh about the restraining orders, threats, and scratched cars *awkward laugh*


In conclusion, an ex is an ex for a reason! And although you two aren’t together anymore, you still have to know how to deal with them. Based off of the exes mentioned which one have you encountered? Or better yet, what kind of ex-are you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Ty September 12, 2017 Reply

    I am most definitely the Twilight Zone Ex. No doubt about it. LOL! Great post!

    • Danielle Mitchell September 12, 2017 Reply

      I am a Twilight Zone MOST of the time and sometimes I am a blurred lines ex. and Thank You!

  2. Author
    Jalyssa Woodall September 12, 2017 Reply

    I’m the Twilight Ex who thought about being the Crazy Ex, but took a chill pill and just blocked them like true Twilight Exes do lol!

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