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How To Get Wax Out Of The Carpet


So yesterday I was engulfed in my work. I had just brought myself out of a funk that I will talk about more in the next blog. I set the ambiance for productivity. I put on my favorite on-demand movie “After All These Years” so I have something in the background. I lit some candles and last but not least I turned on my favorite item that I purchased at a craft fair in 2009.

My Craft Fair Item

I looked up after 45 minutes and there is candle wax all over my counter dripping down the drawers and a pool has collected on the carpet. I got into fast action and followed these simple steps to save my carpet.


  1. Get a plastic back and fill it with ice and put the bag over the wax.
  2. Let the wax freeze.
  3. Plug in the iron and let it warm up. While that is warming get a cloth that you don’t mind possibly changing colors due to wax. A face towel will work, no need to ruin a big one.
  4. Using a warm iron, slowly press the iron on top of the cloth. You’ll see that the material will start to absorb the wax and lift it off the carpet.
  5. Complete step 4 with a different part of the towel/cloth until all wax residue has lifted.
  6. If the carpet has the colored wax residue then I would use a carpet cleaner solution such as Spot Shot.

Wahla. Magic. Crisis Averted and you did not lose hours out of your day.

XOXO ~Average Black Girl~



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