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Did You Know?…

Did You

Who knew that slaves worked day and night with no food? Sugar plantation. Look it up. A brutal environment where the conditions were so bad slaves died as teenagers from excessive exertion and malnutrition. Skeletons from big men were found where the muscles were torn from the bones from excessive labor. We come from the trenches is an understatement. You should be angry, not content. Then to top it off the money was never paid to us but our oppressors sit back fat eating for generations of the backs of our ancestors….yeah this is America.

I saw this on Facebook written by my friend Quentin Jackson. It touched my soul. History doesn’t do us justice and allows us to think it wasn’t that bad and that all we have to do is work hard. In reality, there are systematic laws and unwritten rules and people of power that do not want us to fail. We are more than owed reparations it’s bigger than that. I encourage anyone who touches this to learn history… YOUR history. Know that you are a product of someone who went to the pit of HELL and came out STRONG and with the ABILITY to consistently move FORWARD. I do this for me, my ancestors and for my future generations.

What do you do it for?


XOXO Average Black Girl 


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