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Shout Out To Teyana Taylor’s Come Back


Teyana Taylor rightfully broke the internet in her MTV VMA video debut. Days later and she is still all the buzz. As I sit back and think about Teyana I just have to give the girl a shout out for having one of the best comebacks EVER! I think that a lot of women can learn from Teyana Taylor and her bounce back from a breakup.

I remember coming home after working all day and listening to the full breakfast club interview with Teyana Taylor. It was full of all the juiciness anyone following the story wanted to know. Teyana had been dating basketball player Brandon Jennings for years, gave her virginity to this man only for her to be thrown in endless drama and was visibly devastated by the actions of someone she loved. Not only has he cheated on the mother of his child during the relationship but now he had swiftly moved on with her “friend” Lashontae Heckard. She busted out the text proving her friendship letting the world know they were not only industry friends but real friends.

She did mention that she was moving on had found someone but was not ready to give the deets on whom this mystery man was. Well while Brandon and LaShontae ended up having a son, he publicly left her while pregnant and there is not any sign of a reconciliation via Instagram.

Not only does Cleveland Cavaliers Fiance Iman Shumpert ADORE Teyana but he has made it clear he plans to be a very involved father. He proposed to Teyana during their baby shower and even delivered baby Iman Jr. (Junie) in the bathroom of their floor.


Now yall know when Bae is good, LIFE is GOOD and we feel we can TAKE OVER THE WORLD and that is what she is doing. Not only did she KILL her Lil’ Kim Tribute but she has been successfully touring and her latest hits have had airplay. Now to make it even sweeter she is taking Bae with her including him and their daughter in the latest Music Video as well as helping to put him on. He has aspirations to be an artist himself and she has been promoting his music and collaborating with him.

WE CAN TAKE NOTES! Know when to leave and move on and find yourself a good man that will be good FOR YOU and TO YOU. The back and forth is for the birds. He embarrassed her and when she dropped that dead weight she was able to find someone who truly appreciates her and loves her but most of all respects her.


I see myself in this situation. Early April my dating situation was looking real rough. I found myself at a crossroads like Teyana. Do I stay and wait and hope it’ll get better (and fight for someone who doesn’t really want me) or do I just move on? I chose not to be messy, to be cordial even and have decorum. I choose not to drag his name through the mud and just realize that I deserved better and to take a positive step into the unknown. Because my attitude was so positive I was able to put myself in a situation where I was able to have the chakras align and meet someone really nice all while keeping my focus on building Average Black Girl.

In a world where the majority of us do not marry our first boyfriend. I love to see a girl leave a bad situation and come out on top!



XO Average Black Girl


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