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Celebrating A Win 8.16.16


On this glorious Tuesday morning. I decided to do something new and very important for my business. I opened up a small business checking account! I am really excited when I reach monumental events and have to realize to celebrate them all. When you are a business owner, there is always something to be done and something you can be working on. But I have to tell myself to ALWAYS remember to ENJOY the Journey and to continue to CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE!

Today will definitely be an ice cream day for me.

To give you a timeline:

  1. 8.6.15 Articles of Organization
  2. 1.15.16 First Day Of Full-Time Entrepreneurship
  3. 8.16.16 Small Business Bank Account Is Opened!

To say what a difference a year makes would be the understatement of a century. I am excited for what this means for me. To be able to use my business debit card for business items and not have to go through my statements every month to separate the two. To keep a more accurate count of business for the fall is going to be amazing for me and for my tax season! LOL

If you are reading this I hope this encourages you to keep going in your calling/ journey. Remember its a Marathon not a SPRINT!




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