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My Website 101: From Themes To Plugins

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This post came from my endless search that ended up in frustration. I spent hours trying to determine which click to tweet plugin XO Necole uses. I installed 5 different click to tweet plugins and just decided to pick the one I liked the best and move on. SO I decided to create a post letting you guys know all the things I have for my website! I hope to encourage readers to play with their site, learn their site and add an addition or two! Remember this is a Marathon, not a race and it will never be perfect! As our brands grow so do our websites!


The them that I use is Neighborhood. To be honest I had no decision in picking my theme as I had a web developer create my website. But me and Neighborhood have become really good friends as I do all of my updates and add ons myself.

My site is WordPress. WordPress is my website builder of choice but here is a list of the common builders. 

  • WIX
  • SquareSpace 
  • Strikingly
  • This site is WordPress

WordPress has unlimited plugins that you can use to make your site your own and was the best choice for me and Average Black Girl.

Themes are super important and careful thought and consideration should go into deciding the theme. The right theme can help you give out the correct feel and mood to your brand. You can purchase themes at the following:

My Theme has certain necessary items that are very important to me. It has a testimonial section, a meet the team section as well as a feature client section. When picking a theme think about necessary items you want for each page and look for themes that already have those features and pre built pages!


  1. V Cita is a BOMB Plugin. It gives my website an added boost of professionalism. I personally am trying to always grow my contact list to use for my newsletter and other ways to sell. Personally I get more responses on the VCita plugin than the Contact Us button/ page that I have on my site. GET VCITA!
  2. Monarch. Monarch is the share tool that is on the left side of my website. You can choose what pages you want it to be on. For me, I choose all pages and post to have the monarch share tool.
  3. Bloom. Bloom is my pop up of choice. It had the type of graphics that seemed to go really well with my website. You can customize the colors and it came with a lot of graphic options with the plugin.
  4. Click to Tweet. Adds  tweet boxes to your blog.
  5. Askimet. Protects my blog from spammy comments.
  6. WordFence. Protects my site from hackers. Notifies me if hacker activity arises.
  7. PageVisitCounter. Shows on dashboard how many visits per page. Also highlights most visited pages.
  8. SRS Simple hits Counter. Shows the counter for public view. It is what I have in my footer.
  9. Easy Forms for MailChimp by YIKES. I use this for people to subscribe to my mailchimp newsletter directly from my site.

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