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Chicago Stats League

chicago stats league

Hey, my name is Cliff Paul, and I am a partner with the Chicago Stats League. We are unique because we have some of the most competitive men’s recreational league players all across the Chicago land area, but we also offer benefits and services no one else does. Our full, live stat tracking, shot charts and game recaps give the professional feel for your league, as well as adding an element that keeps you involved throughout the week and not just the nights you play on.


The CSL is moving to youth leagues, and have the same structure planned for the participants with more in-depth goals for the players, employees and fans involved. Not only do we look to offer those same stats, scouting, and photography services, but put them in the hands of the people who would care about it the most. We look to reach out to College coaches and open up recruiting opportunities for players who may not have had that opportunity, as well as add high school/college students to the CSL team. We want an opportunity to employ and teach young people about various aspects of the business behind sports including statistician responsibilities, photography, website development and sports writing.


We will still make the basketball and fun the major focus of our leagues, but adding business, education and academic focuses, we feel this is a recipe for a success for everyone involved on and off the court. We will continue to look to grow and get as many people playing in our Men and Youth leagues, with All-Star Weekends, cross league games and end of city awards, things that are usually overlooked in your typical rec league. If you would like more information please reach out to Cliff Paul, or check out our website www.ChicagoStatsLeague.com

Cliff Paul

Facebook: Chicago Stats League

Website: ChicagoStatsLeague


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