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Best Money Strategies


BestMoneyStrategies.com provides basic and advanced financial

planning strategies that fit any individual or family’s financial

objectives. There are several misconceptions on how our basic savings

and investing vehicles truly work. Although there have been countless

real life examples of companies and even government entities going bankrupt, people fail to ask who,

what, when, where, why and how… Do you know really “who” owns your 401K plan? “What” happens

to your 401K money if a company or another government entity experiences financial hardship? “When”

you lose money in this type of scenario, “where” can you go for help? “Why” did this happen in the first

place? And most importantly, “how” do you protect yourself now and in the future? These are critical

questions that you need answers to regardless of your choice of investment vehicle.

This is where we step in to help personalize a plan that fits your current situation. It is FREE to have a

basic Personal Financial Strategy plan completed with you and your family if applicable. We provide you

with real evidence and examples of how strategies that we teach compare to the traditional 401K,

403B’s IRA’s, other retirement plans, bank CD’s, etc. Our strategies provide you with flexibility, built in

guarantees, and multiple tax savings advantages. The best investments allow you to legally grow at a tax

deferred rate and allows you to withdraw your money at a tax free rate. Can a FREE review help you

learn how such a strategy can be implemented?

Visit us on our website at BestMoneyStrategies.com and click our “contact us” page to send a request message.

Visit me on my LinkedIn page: Manny Gathers—Wealth Accumulation Strategist

Feel free to send us an email at manny@bestmoneystrategies.com

-Professional groups such as Engineers, Accountants, Managers, Doctors, etc…

-Everyday family or young individual.

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