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Bevel Skin Care


Bevel Skin Care

In the world we live in today, there is much emphasize put on watching what we allow to go into our bodies. This is true, but we must also not forget to keep our outward appearance up-to-date as well. This article will show how one skin care line, Bevel Code, is making products that are made to help keep skin healthy with the proper nutrients.

Bevel Code, is an up and coming industry centered on making the world’s highest consumer health & beauty products company. On their website, they state that their primary “Purpose is to to make health and beauty simple for people of color.” The core values of Bevel are Courage, Inspiration, Respect, Judgement, Wellness, and Loyalty. The values all are centered around the fact that the black community wants and needs to not only know that they are wonderful beautiful/handsome people but how to keep the beauty and/or essence of our skin rich. Walker and Company is a company owned by Tristan Walker, whose primary goal is to specifically cater to the needs of the black community, in a way where they are helping teach us to fully  enjoy  and understand all health care products that we use and shop  for daily. So to get started, he created a shaving product for black men that will help keep the skin pure and strong, while at the same time teaching black men why he chose to create these products and how to prevent Razor Bumps.

Now,  Walker and Company  did create products that they want blacks to not only be able to afford  but also be able to get to without having to order. They made it so that if you want to order the Bevel products,  you can but if you don’t,  you can purchase the product from Target. We hope to see your comments on the product.


You can also follow Bevel on the following links:

Twitter- @bevel

Facebook- facebook.com/bevel

Instagram- @Bevel
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