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Our third day ended with a BANG!

We went to Rio Secreto and it was absolutely beautiful. When I was 10 my grandmother took me to Niagra Falls in Canada and that was my only experience with a Cave. With this cave, we were able to get up close and personal.

This cave was found in Mayan territory when a hunter was chasing a Geico and saw it slip through the cracks. The owner called some cave divers and they found these huge caves in the territory. The water from these caves makes up 20 percent of Mexico’s water resource.

We started off with a cold water shower to rub off any lotion and oils on our body. Next was to put on our wetsuits. This place has been given a national geographic award so our wetsuits were branded with the national geographic logo.

Now we start on our hike to the cave entrance. We pass by poisonous weeds, a gorgeous butterfly and finally stop where a Mayan man is waiting for us.

He shows ups Mayan incense and gives us a Mayan blessing before entering the cave to ensure safety. The incense that he used smelled heavenly. They use it to get rid of bad spirits and bad vibes in houses. Say that you just move into a home you may cleanse your home with sage before moving in. The Mayans have their own version. People also use it if they get into a big fight with their spouse they may light it to get rid of the negative energy from the fight.

We now enter the cave. We walk down steps and get to the water. We are in water majority of the cave visit. The cave we were in was 2.5 Million years old and 60 feet under the ground. It was a really fun experience relying on your body to guide you through the uneven ground of the cave. We got to one part of the cave where your feet could not touch the ground and the only light we had was the light on our helmet. The water was ice blue and crystal clear.

The best part of the experience was when we were in deeper water and we all held hands and laid on our back. We turned off our lights on our helmet and we just sat in the dark. Listening to mother nature. We could hear the water dripping drop by drop from the top of the cave. It was fresh water. The turned on the lights for a few seconds a few times so we could see the details of the ceiling and the individual dripstone formation.

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