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How I Spent New Years Eve

How I Spent New Years Eve

This past year has really been one for the books. I have been growing in every aspect of my life and have taking huge leaps of faith living in my purpose. I finally started. I finally started putting my ideas on paper and putting real work toward my goals. I wrote down the idea and made a plan and got to work. I got a business coach to help keep me accountable and give me direction. Eight months later and I have two businesses fully launched and bringing in money each week and three brands.

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  1.  I started Average Black Girl. Average Black Girl is a movement where I am promoting black-owned businesses and creating positive content. You can check it out at AverageBlackGirl.org and my Youtube Channel: Average Black Girl.
  2. I am creating a database called Melanin Business that will have businesses with excellent customer service in a number of categories. This will be an easy tool for my following to use to buy black and participate in group economics. The website is MelaninBusiness.com.
  3.  I have created Dani’s Resume. This is a one-stop shop for Resume Building, Coaching, and Consulting. The website is Danisresume.com.

I have decided to step out on faith and after 4 years with my current job I was lead by God to break ties. I am a completely different person than when I started and have been having this feeling to separate for some time now. I decided to start 2016 with a leap of faith in the Lord and to let HIM guide my steps. The Lord is so faithful. Not even 24 hours after I gave my notice my support system came forward and said they would help me cover my expenses while I am trying to find my way.

So with all this newness going on and a big year ahead of me I decided to spend my New Years different than how I had previous years. I decided to spend my new years at church. I live in Atlanta and go between The Gathering Oasis and Ebenezer Baptist Church. I decided to spend my New Years at The GO because since their inception they have been meeting in the Midtown Movie Theatre and the New Year’s service was the first time meeting in a church building. Church was awesome and I have a newly renewed vision with being intentional in every area of my life. Starting with intentional quiet time with the Lord and allowing myself to let God lead me in EVERY area of my life.

After Church, I decided to go to JeJu Spa. JeJu Sauna is a 24-hour spa. I went and did a few Sauna’s and tried to get a foot detox but with the New Years crowd, I decided to go home and come back the next afternoon. The pass lasted for 24 hours and I received an entry voucher since the service I wanted was booked. I had SO much fun by myself, meditating, receiving positive energy and enjoying some much needed ME time.

images (2)                                                               Jeju Spa Sauna

How did you spend New Years? What are your goals for 2016!

Leave your comments below!

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