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Girl's Trip Cancun Mexico

January 7th finally came and it was time to take on Cancun.

January 7th:
I slept on the couch so that I would wake up early and finish cleaning the dishes and my home. I have a thing where I love coming home to a super clean home when I come back from out of town. I woke up at 6 am and finished and then called my Uber and headed to the airport at 9 am. My flight was at 11:15 am. So I was GOOD! I was early. I get to the airport and as soon as I get out of the car I realize I left my passport at home.

I talk to the ticket taker and he says I need to make it back by 10:15 am. I called another Uber and made it home and back to the airport by 10:08 am and was able to make my original flight no issues. Shout Out to my Uber Driver! FAVOR AINT FAIR HONEY!

I am the last of the 4 to arrive so I meet up with the girls, Cameron, Charvanna and Nakita and meet our transportation to the Omni. We get to the Omni and we are hit with a huge issue. We booked our trip on BookIt.com and I would not suggest booking through them for this reason. BookIt never paid the hotel the money we paid them. Let me give you an example this is like price line not paying the airline and so you can’t get on your flight. We waited in the lobby trying to call BookIt for TWO HOURS! We finally got ahold of someone from the accounting department and they emailed authorization to the hotel and we were set to go. The Omni was great and I recommend anyone planning a trip to stay there and pick the All Inclusive Package like we did. I am thankful that they did not sell out and that it wasn’t a peak time because it could have gotten very ugly if they gave our paid room away because of an accounting problem with BookIT.

After we got our hotel situation straightened out we went straight to the beach and it was beautiful. I love that we are all optimist and didn’t let that issue impact our time at all. Here are a few pics. For the complete picture album check my facebook page.


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When I got back I called BookIT and was not pleased with their attempt at accommodating us for our trouble. They said they could give us ONE $150 voucher. I explained that we are friends, not a family and between the four of us live in two different states. I asked them would it be possible to split the voucher 4 ways or even 2 ways as two of us live in Atlanta and two in Chicago. They said it was nothing they could do. Ultimately only ONE person will be able to use this voucher and a solution was not met. This is why I say I do not suggest using BookIt. If you do use BookIt.com, I suggest calling the Hotel you are staying at a week prior to your stay to ensure that the money has been paid.

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