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We Love Mondays

We Love Mondays.

It’s 2016. The time is now. This year we are coming for everything owed to us. How do you do that? I will explain. Cape Diem = Seize The Day. Each day we will make it a choice to have the day go how you imagine. Each day we will choose to have a good day. To have a productive day. To make out our goals for the month. Then break them down by week. Then break them down by day and choose to hit our stretch goals. We will choose to listen to our bodies and rest when we need it. We will choose to reach out to those we admire for help, advice, or to join their coaching plan. Each day we will not get discourage when we hear a no. Each day we will choose to be open to love. Each day we will love imperfect people. Each day we will love ourselves. Failure is inevitable. But what you do the next day determines the haves and the have-nots.

My goal for the day is to write two articles, record a new youtube channel, learn how to work my new camera and finish 1/ 3 marketing plans.

This is my first Monday that I am focusing strictly on MY businesses and MY passions. I am officially in LOVE with MONDAYS.

Tools for making Mondays Fabulous!

1. Proper Planning.

I know.. I know.. you stayed too long at that day party and now all we want to do is get some sleep so you can wake up after hitting the snooze button twice.
Wrong: Plan for your Monday. Get ready for it!

  1.  Do you have change for the toll?
  2.  Have you meal prepped for the week?
  3.  Did you pack your clothes for the gym so you won’t have to stop home and get side tracked?
  4. Do you have your goals for your business/ dreams? You don’t want to start another Monday working 8 hours for someone else’s dreams and not donate even an hour toward yours.
  5. Have you planned time to call / skype date/ facetime your old college friend you have been meaning to connect with for the last three weeks?

Getting back into the swing of things can be draining all by itself  so let’s prepare for it.

2. Your Attitude

Your attitude can make or break your day which will affect your week. Here are three tools that can help you change that.

1. The Gratitude Journal.



I personally have a gratitude journal where I can write three things that I am grateful for EVERY day. It has seriously changed my whole perspective and allows me to overlook the little things that used to get under my skin.


2. Deciding you will not have any more bad days. I had a really rough time my first-semester senior year. After being down for about three weeks, I woke up and decided: “You know what? I will NOT have any more bad days.” I purposefully chose to be the optimistic friend in every situation. Five years later I am STILL that person.


3. The Gratitude Jar.


Holding the same overall principle of the gratitude journal. With the gratitude jar, you write down ONE thing you are thankful for every day. You put it on a piece of paper and then put it in the jar. Then at the end of the year, you look and see how much of a blessing the year has been. The thing I love about the gratitude projects is that when you are having a rough day/ time you can look inside the jar or journal to help boost your psyche.


4. 100 Days of Happiness.
Cliche? Yes. In your face? Yes. But does it work? Absolutely. Research states that if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit. Post on your social media something that makes you happy each day and numbering the days from 1 to 100. #100daysofhappiness #100happydays


5. Intentional Quiet Time
Spending intentional quiet time with The Lord will change your life. Spending time in HIS presence just you and HIM. Asking questions about your life, feeling at peace about major life events or just there to vent will help you in your most trying times. As you grow in your relationship and allow God in every area of your life you will be amazed how far you can go. Making an intentional spot in your home, intentional time during the day or an intentional weekend of alone time will help you in your journey through life. The name Average Black Girl and Melanin Business came during my time of intentional quiet time with The Lord. I also have space in my gratitude journal where I can write to The Lord. Here I am able to put my innermost thoughts down and make sense of my thoughts. Everyone is different in what works best for you and sometimes certain things work during different seasons. Be open but must importantly Be Intentional.


I am a firm believer that God puts in our hearts what his plan is for us. If you do NOT act on your purpose in life you will never be happy as a void in you is missing and is growing over time. For me I knew I had a lot to say and my thoughts would consume me. Not fully knowing the vision of Average Black Girl and my other brands I just decided to jump. It is amazing how much the Lord will provide when you are fully trusting in him and working on your passion. The people I have met that are helping me along the way are amazing. As you start your journey it will make sense. You will know what direction to go, you will learn from your mistakes, but most of all you are 100 percent content because you are no longer living in the land of “what ifs.”


XOXO Average Black Girl

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  1. Ashley Kirkwood January 5, 2016 Reply

    Great ideas!

    • Author
      AverageBlackGirl January 5, 2016 Reply

      Thank You Ashley!

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