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African American Ethnic Trivia Of The Americas

monks mound

Facebook is where I spend a lot of my time. I have good reasons.  I am building up my brand, connecting with my audience and seeking their opinion as I create items and grow my business. However, lately I have been joining different facebook groups and trying to gain knowledge every week. Some of these groups can be so helpful and jus provide you with so much information that they have never even tried to teach in school. I am apart of a group called “African Americans Aint Africans.” I first clicked because of curiosity; we all come from the “Mother Land.” What are they talking about?! Where from this group I learned that majority of the Negro Slaves in America were Aboringal People who they made slaves. So NO not everyone who is black came over in the slave ship, in fact majority of us were Already HERE. There are pyramids in the USA that we never talk about. The biggest one in Illinois outside of St. Louis called “Monks Mound.” I am from Illinois and NEVER heard about this find not even once! Monks Mound is pictured above.


I wanted to share some trivia I saw today from that group. I encourage everyone interested in finding out about their history both the descendant from Africa and your Indigenous American Roots to follow that page. I love learning!

Q: Why is there so many white Latinos in South America & in The Caribbean Islands
A: In place like Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Dominican Republic Puerto and others you will see alot of white Latinos because 90% of all slaves that came to the Americas were the white Scottish & Irish but by all countries this story is forbidden to be told by the Illuminati who puts all dictators and presidents in place worldwide

pre columbian artifacts

Q: When you ask Latin America about their culture they always say they are Spanish, Black African and Indian but who are these Indians they are referred to
A: These Indians were the indigenous black Indians who had been there for thousands of years who have been white washed into being called native Americans aka the red man. Most of indigenous black Indian ancestry still live in latin America today but are told they are African so they can’t claim the in South America or the Caribbean Islands

Queen Lili

Q: What Ethnicity are Mexicans and why do they look different than other Latinos
A: 95% of Mexicans are still pure blood of what they were before the Spanish showed up, which means the Mexicans are still Asian and Black, because at one time Mexico was inhabited by all black people who were really dark. Asians migrated across Bering straits into central America and other parts of southwest America mixing in with the black people there. The Dark skin of Mexicans come from the mix of black, their walk is Asian, their eyes are Asian, their hair is jet black like Asian, their body is Asian but they talk Spanish mixed with tribal. In the heart of Mexico, they will tell you that their ancestors are black and dont remember any slaves or slave trade in their country

northern illinois

Q: Why are people now starting to found out the Americas was the first Egypt
A: Well the Mound Builders who were black, were the first people’s and civilization in the Americas who were building pyramid mounds all up and down the Mississippi river. The mounds date back over a 100,000 years old and older than any pyramids in Egypt. The Maya and their calendars even date back millions of years of existence in the Americas. There are pyramids bigger in the Americas than in Egypt and there are twice as many more pyramids in South America than in all of Africa. The black Indians of the time would trade goods with Egyptians and this is how they found the American grown tobacco in King Tuts stomach. Artifacts found in the Americas that look Egyptian doesn’t mean they are Egyptian but rather that means Egyptian practice of mummies, hyroglifics and pyramids had been going on first in the Americas b4 it was in Egypt. The inheritance and history for the African American continues to be suppressed and it needs to be addressed


angela simmons

A: Why is that 9 of 10 African Americans look nothing like Africans
Q: That’s because during the worldwide African slave trade only 5% of Africans even came to the Americas and the rest went to Arabic countries and Europe. Black indians were considered negros where always in the Americas from the start


Q: Along with the Native Americans, why is it only African Americans have the name American in their nationality but all other nationalities don’t who live in the Americas
A: Well since black people were already in the Americas b4 the Europeans came, they then have to call negros Americans since they were first. African comes from the little amount of slaves who came to the Americas who were African. So they are now confusing the African American by saying are you African or are you black American who was already here for thousands and thousands of years that didn’t come off a slaves ship

Blog photo ingengious 1

Q: Who are native Americans and what does Native mean
A: Native Americans are white and Asian who are from the north that are related to the Eskimo people. Native Americans came to the Americas and took on the culture of the black indians who had been in the Americas over 56,000 years b4 Native Americans showed up. This is why native Americans can’t be called the Aborigines of the land because they are not the original people or even close. The world Native meaning those who came after the indigenous Original, and Aboriginal peoples. The Native Americans only brought teepees to the Americas and that’s a culture not a civilization, because the only civilizations in the Americas is the Mound Builders, Maya, Olmec who are structures builders and those people were negro and black Indian tribes

olmecs florida white wash

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