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Lay A Brick Everyday

lay a brick

This quote has been in my head consistently for the past two weeks. This has been something I turn to at least once a day to stay grounded and sane. I have so many ideas and it’s a thrilling experience to see your ideas that you have been thinking and dreaming about for the past year finally come to fruition. I was starting to get stressed. Managing a full-time job and those responsibilities while trying to keep pushing 110 % for your own business endeavors was becoming draining. Currently, I am building my Youtube Channel and launching two businesses.

I know what it takes to become successful. One of the key things is to be consistent especially when growing an audience. In a perfect world, I would be able to record every day so that my channel could be a safe place to get reviews and suggestions for quality black businesses. From banking to nail salons to landlords to agents.  I could immediately start helping everyone!

 I was psyching myself out and not even realizing. I wasn’t moving as fast as my brain would have wanted me to. Then I woke up one day with a rash over my back. That scared me! I don’t really have skin issues and I am WAY past puberty. I spoke to some girlfriends and they had similar experiences and stress with work-life balance was the common denominator. The next week I took the week off to attend my cousin’s wedding in Chicago. This gave me some time to put some things into perspective. I was able to record, fix my website and knock out my to-do lists. I came back to work with a new mindset. I will know when the time is right to make a drastic change. But in the mean time if I maintain my schedule and make it a point to “Lay A Brick Everday… Then Eventually, I Will Have A Wall.” Eventually, I will get where I am going. But consistency is key and as long as I am continuing to head in the right direction everything will come together.

 ~Average Black Girl~

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